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Our consultants have extensive ILS experience of the marine, land and aviation domains, from both a customer and supplier perspective.

Examples of experience domains: Submarine and other submersible vehicles, mining machines, airborne surveillance and countermeasures, Combat Boat 90, management systems, JAS 39 Gripen, medical technology, camouflage, helicopters, submarine hunting systems and the train and vehicle industry.

In parallel with this, there is extensive experience of teacher-led training - in both civilian and defense-oriented settings.

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A selection of customers (for reference):

Experience bank - analyses och methodology:

ILS - Integrated Logistic Support, IPS - Integrated Product Support, LCM - Life Cycle Management, Logistics Engineering, Reliability Engineering, “Support the Design”, “Design the Support”, "Support Operation", LSA - Logistic Support Analysis, LCB - Logistic Configuration Baseline, LCN - LSA Control Number, RAM / RAMS / RAMT, R&M, ARM, AR&M, LCC - Life Cycle Cost, LSC - Life Support Cost, TCO - Total Cost of Ownership, WLC - Whole Life Cost, FMEA / FMECA, RCM / MSG-3 / SMA, Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Reliability prediction, Fides, RIAC 217PLUS, MIL HDBK 217F, NPRD, EPRD, OREDA, Maintainability prediction, RBD - Reliability Block Diagram, LORA - Level of Repair Analysis, MTA - Maintenance Task Analysis, ASD S3000L, DEF STAN 00-60/600, MIL-STD-1388, Supply support, PHS&T - Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation, Obsolescence, Disposal, Training, Systems engineering, WQS, OPUS10, LSAR, Configuration management, Asset management, ILS Training / ILS course / ILS education mfl.